some forum ideas

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some forum ideas

Post by omegafate on Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:16 am

well its time for a forum service update.....

mainly in the aspects of having more categories and forums, so we are not restrained to just 3-4 categories.

perhaps change the lunar chronicles in to more so of a editorial/opinion type deal,add a hobbys catigory with all types of things like gaming, writing, drawing,automobiles, computers etc,etc.

then add a place were u can get help and support for a lot of different things.

perhaps enter the forum in a advert forum, create banners for the users of this forum to use either on there sites or on other forums.

or as mentioned before make a .tk or a .com type domian name for ease of use, for members and such, memorizing the address is the best way to get noticed XD

other than that ill post more when it comes to me lol.

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